What to expect while attending the northeast ministry school...

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  • Tuesday- Friday 8:00AM-12:15PM 



  • Allison Park Church  2326 Duncan Ave Allison Park, Pa 15101


Local Church Serving, Outreaches, & MISSIONS

  • It’s important for every student to participate in the life of a local church. As part of the schooling process, students will be required to attend and be involved with active ministry at a Reach Northeast Church or Church Plant or a City Reach Network Church. 


  • Some of the most valuable lessons that students learn at Northeast Ministry School come through the hands-on ministry experiences. NMS includes three levels of ministry experiences--personal outreaches, group outreaches, & a foreign missions trip. 



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Assignments & grades

  • Books have been selected for the students in order to accompany and reinforce their training and learning, they will have one book per month and be required to write a short follow-up book report. 


  • Tests will be administered with all week long teachings. 



We are here to help, encourage, and empower our students, each student that starts the school has the potential to finish with excellence!